Flipped Learning Workbooks - CNat Sport Studies/Science


Flipped Learning ...... what is it?

It is a type of blended learning that 'flips' the traditional teacher centred/led teaching on it's head. Instructions are given that allow the students to research topics themselves.

The Classroom

The basis around it is simple.. Split the classroom into 4 areas (tech zone, quiet reading, discussion zone and help desk)

Each student gets a work booklet of tasks with each task only allowed to be completed within a suggested area which is highlighted on the top of the page.

Students can compete the tasks in which ever order they want… and can complete as much work as they want each lesson, so long as it is all completed by the deadline set by the teacher. 

You provide all the necessary reading resources, websites and conversation starters (which are found within our workbook) for pupils to walk in and crack on! 


Beat the time marking at home by taking the opportunity to call a pupil out and do some 'live' marking/feedback to ensure the knowledge gained is in enough depth and detail to allow them to gain sufficient knowledge for the exam.


£19.99 per workbook. Sent via secure email with 2 available downloads.


Flipped learning workbook samples 

R051 - Contemporary Issues workbook sample (pdf)


R041 - Reducing Injuries workbooklet sample (pdf)